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 How the Trader works!

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PostSubject: How the Trader works!   Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:06 pm

Hey guys and gals first of all I would like to thank you for visiting the fossil trader here we will discuss the basic rules and how to use the forum. The reason that we created the fossil trader is because we know there is no other place online to sell your fossils and teeth other than sites that charge you some high fee for selling your finds, we believe it you worked for it then its yours and you should reek all the benefits.

The Fossil Trader is a FREE online site where you can buy, sell and trade your finds and it wont cost you a dime to post in the public sections.

This is how it works:

You must be a member of the site to be able to post anything at all, guests may view the posts but cannot contact a seller or post anything for sale or trade. To become a member just click the Register button at the top of this page, we recomend that you make sure that the " accept newsletter" option is turned on, you will only recieve updates, construction, private hunts, and information about this site and nothing more, we promise not to fill up your inbox with junk.

Once you have become a member you may make a post in any of the catagories on the forum and you may make as many posts as you wish, lets say that you make the first post on the forum, if someone else makes a post after you your post will be become the 2nd from the top, if a 3rd person make a post theirs will be on top and your will move down again, etc...

If you wish to have your own forum section to where only you can post and no one else can execpt for buying conditions then please visit our " Get your own" Forum of more information.

Rules and Regulations as of 7/10/2010

Yes there are a few rules not many but a few!

  • This is a family oriented site and we will not allow foul language of any kind we do realize that things do tend to slip out from time to time,so that is why we are for warning everyone, if you choose to use foul or vulagr language here you will be deleted from this site and will not be able to rejoin.

  • We will not tolerate any pornography or indecent pictures or videos on this site, this will cause an automatic termination as well.

  • The Fossil Trader is not reponsible for any transactions or deals on this site other than specific deals or transactions that are in our own private forum, please DO NOT contact an admin or moderator if a deal goes south, it is between the buyer and seller to determine how the deal will be made and how the transaction will take place

  • We will not tolerate "post stealing" meaning if someone posts a fossil for sale and then another person makes a reply to that post saying something like "I have a better deal buy mine" this will not be tolerated, if you are caught "post stealing" you will be given a warning, after 3 warning you will be deleted from this site. We will also not tolerate any spamming, name calling, bad mouthing, he said she said stuff, etc...

  • Please make sure you post your items in the correct catagories, ie...if you have a Great White tooth for sale do not post it in the for trade catagory, we will moniter the site daily and if this does happen you will be sent an email and private message stating that your topic has been moved to the correct location.

  • After a post has been made for 1 month and no transaction has been made those posts will be deleted to save room on our server.

  • We suggest that you do not put your email or phone number on the forum publically, in your listing just type something to the effect of (PM me if intrested) then you can exchange email address, phone numbers, paypal address etc...

  • Please NO ebay ads here, this is for thefossiltrader classifieds only, if an ebay post is made it will be deleted and you will get a warning, 3 warning and you will be deleted.
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How the Trader works!
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